First wife: Lucy Lace

During my last years project I bought lots of fabrics which I didn´t use. So while going trough my old fabrics I found this nice flower lace. I remembered I bought it from one of those fabric boxes from fabric store Eurokangas. So I guess this fabric must have costed less than 20 euros.

I wanted to do a lace dress with long sleeves and a hood but there wasn´t enough fabric for those things. Then I found these lace pieces and I made a shoulder straps instead of sleeves. I decorated the straps with pearls.

Lace was a bit stretchy so I didn´t put a zipper on this dress but maybe I should have done it.. I guess this is the reason why dress is a bit too big for my model.

Instead of lining I used thin sand color chiffon.

But now this is how the story goes. While I was creating these wedding dresses I thought a lot people falling in love, getting married and then sometimes divorcing…  At the same time I was listening to music and then one song just hit me. Solitary man performed by Johny Cash.

So this is my story about a guy and his five wife´s. Here´s his wife number one: Lucy Lace

Female model: Rebecca wearing jewellerys from Hoochie Mama Jane, Male model: Jarno wearing gTIE, Pictures: Dorit Salutskij    If you have something to ask or comment about please feel free to do it. You can also email me:






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