Second wife: Erin

You´ll find the story and some pictures from my first wedding dress from here. But now It´s time to continue with the story and present to you my second wedding dress and the wife number two.

I started doing this second wedding dress  for a model called Laura. I did all the fittings with Laura but after sewing the zipper dress got too small for Laura. My amateur seamstress mistake 🙂 Luckily I had this young girl Emilia who was able to fit in to that tiny dress. And thank God It fitted perfectly for Emilia.

I used two meters taffeta and some chiffon to this dress and of course lots of tulle. I found all the materials from the fabric store Eurokangas. I went trough many ideas how to decorate this dress. But I ended up using three brooches. They had that right kind of bling bling for this dress.

Here´s wife and the wedding dress number two: Erin

Female model: Emilia wearing jewellerys from Hoochie Mama Jane, Male model: Jarno wearing gTIE and necklace: Soturi from LUMOAVA Pictures: Dorit Salutskij  If you have something to ask or comment about please feel free to do it. You can also email me:








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