Making of tulle skirt part 2.

You can find making of tulle skirt part 1. from here

Now you should have lots of tulle so we can start cutting and sewing it into a skirt.

I have six meters of wedding tulle and two meters of basic tulle. I also have a 1,5 meters long satin ribbon and some lining fabric.

Now we need to cut all the tulle into single layers. I`m going to sew each layer separately. It´ll take some extra time but I promise in the end it´ll be worth it.

My waist measure was 68 cm. And I multiplied it by three so the measure is 204 cm. So I need to cut my 6 meters wedding tulle into three pieces.

After you have cut your tulle is time to start pleading it. Use pins and leave some space between the foldings.Image


Then it´s time to sew each layer one by one. Use widest stitch from your sewing machine.   Leave the other end open don´t tight it off. Image 


Then it´s time to gather it up by pulling the string carefully.



Do the same thing to all your tulle layers. Will continue later on.. And please ask or send me email:

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