Making of tulle skirt part.3


Sorry I haven´t finished earlier my making of tulle skirt tutorial. I have been working and organizing  my next photo shoot session. Which is by the end of this week 🙂

But now here comes the final tutorial part and some pictures from my skirt.

Remember to read first part.1 and part.2

Now you should have all your single tulle layers gathered and it´s time to start sewing them together. 

You need a piece of a lining fabric in size of your waist measure. Then pin one tulle layer on the other side of lining fabric like this. Then sew it.Image

 Add another layer on the other side of the lining fabric. Continue like this until all your tulle layers are attached to the lining fabric.
Now you should have all your tulle layers sewed together into a lining fabric. Fold the lining fabric from the middle. Now you have all the tulle layers hanging down between the lining fabric. Then you need a satin ribbon to cover the lining fabric.
And the last thing you need to finish your skirt is a button or a press stud. I used them both.
ImageFinalize your skirt . Cut and shape the hem as you want and you are ready to go outside 🙂
You can find more pictures from my facebook group called: I Love dresses and Pinterest
Any questions? Need a dress? Email me:

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