About this blog

I´am an amateur seamstress and designer from Finland. I have no education but I´ve been learning as I go. Last year I had a crazy dream about designing and creating 12 unique dresses during 2011. I designed and created one dress each month for one of my friends. At the end of the month we organized a photo shoot with a photographer. At the end of the year my dream came true!

After last years project, I still had so many ideas left over and I just had to continue creating and designing more dresses, so this year I have continued creating my own unique dresses. Last year at times I felt stressed as there was such a tight time limit on when the dresses had to be ready. This year I am taking my time and enjoying the whole process of creating and designing these unique dresses.

On this blog I will share the progress of the creation of my dresses by uploading pictures and also include pictures of the final piece.

This blog is for anyone who loves dresses, creating them, wearing them.. just loving them!

I am always searching for new models (in this case average woman/male) and most of the dresses I have made are FOR SALE! So if you are interested about  dresses please contact me: I would love to hear feedback from anyone so please get in touch by leaving a comment or emailing me: you.love.dresses@gmail.com


9 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Your dresses look lovely! It’s so inspiring to see others making their dreams come true. I’m graduating soon as a seamstress so I find your blog interesting to read. Oh and I have one question! Have you ever considered getting an education? Or do you think that learning by yourself is enough?

    • Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Yes, sometimes I think I should really go to school and educate myself so I could for example learn some right sewing techniques etc.. But then becoming a professional seamstress isn´t my biggest dream.
      It´s something else.

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