I Love dresses 2011

This is how I started designing and doing dresses. I had a dream and it came true!
The Dream is alive!
Phew. And so it begins: my yearlong project to make my dream come true. My adventure to the amazing world of dresses starts here. It remains to be seen whether I still love dresses after this year.
To cut to the chase: I have made dresses occasionally (usually in a terrible hurry) with my own rather miserable sewing machine (Brother, price 99,90€). The sewing has looked as if made in a hurry and, above all, something has always been left a bit unfinished. No wonder – as I’m not a seamstress, my sense of proportion when it comes to time management is often a bit off. I have no idea of drawing patterns and I also avoid sewing zippers as long as I possibly can.
However, I love dresses. Above all those that stand out from the crowd. I love a well-fitting dress that you don’t need to fix constantly. Rarely though you manage to find a dress from a store that would fit perfectly and would be yours and yours only.
My love for dresses and for making them got me thinking: what if I would design and make one dress each month throughout the year 2011? At the end of the year I would have made twelve unique dresses and I would have put together my own little dress collection. Oh how lovely that thought sounded in my head, and it sounded even better after a discussion I had with my friend, both of us in a bubbly state of mind. The dream of twelve unique dresses was born!
My dream sounds challenging for an amateur seamstress as I am. How will I manage the time, what if I don’t feel like it, what if I start to hate dresses, what if…argh! There is probably no point in speculating these beforehand. Let’s do now what has been decided, and luckily I have amazing friends, who believe in my dream with me. Some of my friends are even so magnificent that they have agreed to model these dresses. Friends, I will do my very best so that you needn’t model the emperor’s new clothes in the photos.
For accomplishing my dream, I have set myself the following “rules”
*  I will make 12 dresses during the year 2011
* One new dress will be made in one month
* The ideas for the dresses come from months, the world, women, feeling feminine, here and there
* It isn’t necessary to come up with something unprecedented or crazy for the dresses. The main goal is to create something beautiful
* A new dress will be photographed on the model and the photos will be published here as soon as possible.
* The dresses will be photographed using creative madness, but, above all, in a way that is faithful to their style.
* My child is the light of my life. Only his needs will outrank making this dream come true.
* Professional help is not allowed!
At the end of the year 2011 I had done 12+1 unique dresses:

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